TreeKeeper Plastic Universal Rolling Tree Stand


Your Christmas tree’s safety is important, and so is your piece of mind; You should never have to worry about your artificial tree falling over due to an unstable tree stand. Additionally, you should never have to trade the ability to move your tree around on wheels in order to have a sturdy tree stand. The Universal Rolling Tree Stand easily adjusts it’s width between 30″ and 36″ to properly fit your 7-12 ft. tree and ensure it’s stability. The stand’s durable steel collar fits tree trunks between 1.25″ – 2.125″ in diameter, and features 3 large contact points to add support and to protect your tree trunk from damage caused when tightening screws into the tree trunk. The four scratch-resistant caster wheels help easily maneuver in and out of rooms while keeping your wood and tile floors scratch and scuff free. This Christmas you can rest assured that your tree is stable and yet easily transportable into that perfect section of the room.

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